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Thornton Heath lies seven miles south of central London and is located within the Borough of Croydon. Excellent transport links mean people consulting local recruitment agencies are able to consider jobs over a wide area.
Employment in the City and West End is just a short train and tube ride away, while the Croydon Tramlink is a short walk from Thornton Heath giving access to employment in areas such as Wimbledon and Croydon itself.
The largest sector within the Thornton Heath workforce is administrative and secretarial which makes up just over 20 per cent of the economically active community. Associate professional and technical staff account for just under 15 per cent of the workforce while managers and senior officials represent 12.6 per cent.
Other sectors are represented within Thornton Heath's workforce as follows: Elementary occupations - 10.3 per cent; Sales and customer service - 9.3 per cent; Skilled trades - 9.1 per cent; Personal services - 8.3 per cent; Process plant and machine operatives - 5.2 per cent.
Lower level educational qualifications are held by just under 59 per cent of Thornton Heath residents in employment. Higher level educational qualifications are held by just under 29 per cent of the economically active community.

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