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The town of Redhill is located in Surrey in the South East of England.

Whilst the town is a commercial hub in its own right, a considerable proportion of the economically active population are employed in Greater London. It is for this reason that Redhill is considered to be a part of London's commuter belt.

The services industry comprises 89% of the Redhill's economy, with over 31% of employment opportunities being associated with finance, IT and other business activities. The offices of several large companies, including Sutton and East Surrey Water, the American insurance company Travelers Companies, Aon Risk Services, Cruisers Coaches, Black & Veatch Group Ltd, and Redhill Tyres, are all based in the Redhill and contribute to the jobs advertised by recruitment agencies in this sector. The town is also home to the Holmethorpe Industrial Estate, the Kingsfield Business Centre, and Reading Arch Industrial Estate.

Redhill's working population are well qualified, with almost 60% holding qualifications at NVQ Level 3 or higher and 40% holding qualifications at NVQ Level 4 or higher. In 2012, the average weekly salary for full-time staff in Redhill was £651.10, which was considerably higher than the national average of £507.60. The unemployment rate was 4.7%, which was lower than both the South East and the national averages.

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