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The town of Leatherhead is located in the centre of Surrey, a county in England.
Public administration, education and health jobs make up over 20% of the total jobs in Leatherhead, with the majority of educational specialists working in the towns five public schools. Public sector employment openings are also provided by the HQ of the Police Federation of England and Wales.
The manufacturing industry provides just over 5% of the town's jobs, with Lister Cars, a racing car manufacturer, being one of the main employers of staff in this industry. Unilever House, the UK HQ of the multinational consumer goods manufacturer, Unilever PLC, is also based in Leatherhead.
Leatherhead has long been known for being home to research centres and research-focused companies. ERA Technology Ltd, Leatherhead Food Research, and the Central Electricity Research Laboratory are all currently based in the town and contribute to the job openings advertised by recruitment agencies that handle vacancies in Surrey.
Leatherhead's working population boast a high standard of education, with almost 78% possessing qualifications at NVQ Level 2 and above and 39% possessing qualifications at NVQ Level 4 and above. The unemployment rate for Leatherhead stands at 4%, which is almost half the national average of 8%. The average weekly salary for full-time workers in the town is £672.10, which is considerably higher than the national average of £507.60.

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