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Addlestone in Surrey lies just over 18 miles south west of London and is the administrative centre for the borough of Runnymede. It is less than 10 miles from Guildford, Surrey's county town, and close to Chertsey and Weybridge. Its location means local recruitment agencies can help people find jobs over a wide area.
London's Waterloo Station is less than 50 minutes away, although the journey involves one change as Addlestone Station sits on the stretch of railway known as the Chertsey Branch Line. This means many members of the local workforce commute daily to jobs in the City and West End. Others travel by public transport to jobs in Weybridge or work at locations along the direct bus route to Kingston Upon Thames.
In Addlestone itself, employment is provided in the form of staff positions at several local schools as well as in the town's retail sector which is centred on Station Road and includes two supermarkets.
Almost 17 per cent of Addlestone's economically active community hold senior or managerial positions. Just over 16 per cent work in the administrative and secretarial fields with 15.6 per cent working in associate professional and technical positions.
Skilled trades account for 11.2 per cent of the workforce and elementary occupations account for 10 per cent.

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