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Ipswich is the administrative centre of Suffolk County, and currently enjoys the distinction of having one of the fastest rising economies in Great Britain. Ipswich is projected to expand employment by as much as 30,000 by 2023 and recruitment agencies in the area will help support businesses by finding the right staff for permanent, temp or contract positions.

Key industries for employment

The town's large public sector provides jobs for about one-third of the workforce, and the education sector is especially productive. The University of Suffolk alone sustains a staff of 7000. The Ipswich Borough Council and the Ipswich Hospital NHS Trust, which employs 3500, are both employment leaders in the town.

The high-tech industry is nonetheless at the forefront of Ipswich's recent success. Based primarily in the Adastral Park technology centre, where more than 250 tech companies are head-quartered, the emerging industry has lately had a profound impact on the region. BT, a hi-tech corporation with more than 3500 employees, is the largest employer in Ipswich's private sector.

Transport and logistics account for another quarter of Ipswich's job market, and the finance and banking sector provides an additional fifth of local jobs. Median weekly income was £458.60, and 4.8% of residents (most of whom fall into the 18-24 age group) were without work in 2012. But recruitment agencies anticipate unemployment in the region will decline steadily as the UK rebounds from the recent economic downturn.

Recruitment agencies in the Ipswich area

Ipswich is home to a vast range of recruitment agencies and these are predominantly concentrated between the River Orwell and Christchurch Park. The highest proportion of employment firms are found in the Buttermarket area and the majority of these offer multi sector services. Employers and job seekers looking for a specialist agency, in sectors such as a construction or engineering, will find services on the outskirts of the town.

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