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Brandon is a small town in Suffolk, which has a population of just under 9,000.

As far back as the Domesday Book, the region was mined for flint and became a major stronghold for the production of flints for guns. Agriculture was also a vital part of the region's economy but these days those traditional sectors have been replaced.

Tourism is now a key part of the town's economy, with the popular High Lodge close by and the beautiful Brandon Country Park also a major attraction. Retail is also an important part of local business, with supermarket giants such as Tesco, Aldi and chemists Boots all major employers.

The population is older than average, but unemployment rates are low. There is not a demand for highly-skilled work, with most local people are employed in public administration or defence, with the most significant local employer the nearby military bases.

The airbases employ a large number of the Brandon population, either directly or in services needed to keep the base running, and recruitment agencies are likely to be seeking to place staff in employment in these areas. Because much of the work is not skilled, the average weekly pay for the town is £449, below the national average.

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