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Mansfield is fast becoming the service and retail hotspot in north Nottinghamshire, with rising population and business.

With its industrial roots in textiles and coal mining until their demise in the Eighties due to Government policy change and developing markets, this market town is now home to 6,114 companies which are responsible for giving employment to 41,305 staff.

Manufacturing and construction sectors regularly feature in recruitment agencies for the town as these are the areas biggest employers, accounting for 9,019 jobs alone. Firms in this field include Toray Textiles, Future Products and Glenair UK. National and international firms are being drawn to Mansfield too, and the public sector employs a large personnel, including Mansfield District Council, the NHS and West Notts College.

Despite growth in some areas, Mansfield has struggled with youth unemployment in recent years, however efforts are being made to tackle the issue by organisations such as The Princes Trust and the Government.

Considering this fact, the employment rate among the 100,100 population stands at a respectable rate of 73.9%. however the levels of staff in lower-skilled jobs far outweigh the national average, with more senior positions far lower. The average weekly earnings of £396.90 are well below the UK trend.

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