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On the coast of south east Northumberland lies the port town of Blyth. A town which grew up around the port which dates back to the 12th century, Blyth was built upon the industrious earnings of shipbuilding, as well as fishing, and coal mining. As such industries went into decline, so too did Blyth, but with recent developments in the town centre as well as at the Quayside this is a town with a much brighter future than once envisioned for it.

21.4% of all employment in the area is still accounted for by manufacturing a figure far greater than that of the national average. Redevelopment has occurred in a variety of forms in Blyth. From the revitalisation project on the Quayside, to the Keel Row shopping centre in town, and most crucially the sustainable energy efforts which have put the town on the map as a leader in clean energy. Former shipyards have been transformed into wind farms which provide clean energy for over 5,000 homes as well as significant employment opportunities. There is even an off-shore wind farm and further research and development projects in the area, making Blyth a centre for clean energy research.

The majority of employment in the area comes from the service industries, with 26.9% accounted for by Distribution, Hotels, and Food, and 25% by Public Administration, Health, and Education. The shopping centre, in particular has been a major factor and contributor to the rejuvenation of the town employing a large number of staff. Job opportunities will be advertised through specialist recruitment agencies who know the area as well as the specialist industries which are based in and around Blyth.

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