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Officially called Kingston-upon-Hull, this city of 280,000 is located on the Humber estuary beside the North Sea. Historically supported by a booming fishing and seafaring industry, Hull has had an especially difficult struggle transitioning to a service economy along with the rest of the UK. But recent economic regeneration projects have finally begun to diversify the local job market, and the city is on the road to recovery.

Hull is divided into three constituencies: East, North, and West & Hessle. In 2012, unemployment for each was 7.7%, 7.8%, and 8.7%, respectively. Only 66% of the population was listed as economically active in 2011 - though this figure has steadily rebounded in the time since. Throughout the city, median weekly incomes also lag somewhat behind the national average.

Nonetheless, Hull has an above average manufacturing industry, which provides 21% of local employment opportunities. Many of these positions are offered by major corporations, among which are BP, BAE Systems, and ABP. The slowly developing banking, finance, and insurance sector employs about 13%, while an expanding retail industry staffs 28% of the workforce. With the completion of the new Princess Quay Shopping Centre, recruitment agencies expect the retail sector to add thousands of new jobs in coming years.

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