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Beverley in North Humberside is the county town of the East Riding of Yorkshire, and is well known for its famous Minster. There are a number of recruitment agencies in the town which aim to help local people find suitable employment.
Beverley is situated just outside Kingston on Hull and local people travel to work in the city as well as other locations around East Riding.
Almost 43 per cent of the economically active population is employed in senior positions. These include managers, directors, senior officials, professional occupations, associate professional occupations and technical employment.
The second largest group at 25 per cent is made up of those who work in secretarial and administrative roles as well as skilled trade occupations.
Caring, leisure and other service occupations account for 9.8 per cent of the economically active population in the area, while sales and customer service roles account for 8.1 per cent.
A total of 9.3 per cent of the working population are employed in elementary occupations while 4.5 per cent work as process plant and machine operatives.
Just over 84 per cent of the economically active population is educated to NVQ Level One standard with 31.4 per cent educated to NVQ Level four and above.

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