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A small market town in the centre of the country, Daventry sits in the middle of Northamptonshire. Although the centre of the town dates back in parts to the 10th century and has some truly ancient buildings including the remains of a Roman villa, most of the town is much more modern, with a variety of post-War housing estates and business parks on the outer edges of the settlement.

With its superb location and transport links to the rest of the country, Daventry is something of a hub for logistics and distribution companies. DHL, for example, is a large employer in the area and is based to the north west of the town. Other significant employers include Cummins, the diesel engine manufacturer who have a staff of 700 and Ford, who have also taken advantage of Daventry's transport links and central location by building a parts distribution centre in the area. In this way, distribution accounts for 21.8% of all employment, whilst manufacturing accounts for 14.6%, which is higher than the national average.

Specialist recruitment agencies can be used to search for jobs in the Daventry area. They will have the required specialist knowledge needed to navigate the local job market and make any job search a success, and will also be the most common place for local employers to advertise staff vacancies.

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