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Harrow is a borough in West London with a population of roughly a quarter million. With 78% of residents here classified as economically active by the Office of National Statistics, Harrow has a proportionately above-average workforce and a significantly lower unemployment rate (2.3%) than the national average (3.7%). While the 18-24 age group has suffered particularly high unemployment throughout the UK in recent years, Harrows youths have been relatively unaffected by the troubling nationwide trend. The workforce here is also more highly qualified than most in the UK, and 43.6% of employees have attained an NVQ4 or above. One-quarter of Harrows workers hold professional occupations, while 14% are administrative or secretarial staff, and 9% are skilled trade labourers.
The public sector provides employment for about one-third of residents, and the Harrow Council is the areas top employer. Distribution, hotels and restaurants, and the financial sector are the next most important employment providers. There is also a significant manufacturing industry based predominantly in Wealdstone, and tourism supports many jobs in leisure and retail occupations. Data from local recruitment agencies indicates that top employers include Kodak, Ladbrokes, First National Bank, BAE Systems, and Clementine Church Hospital. Harrows median weekly income is £588.90, far above the national average.

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