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Covent Garden is a district in west-central London, which is most famous for its popular market and Royal Opera House, as well as many theatres and entertainment facilities such as the London Transport Museum and the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

The area is home to around 13,000 inhabitants, 46% of who are educated to NVQ Level 4 or above. 22% of residents are employed in the professional and business services sector, whilst 20% work in communication and financial services, 20% in public services, and 19% in distribution and hospitality. Just 4.8% of working age residents are unemployed, with the average figure for the whole of London standing at 10%.

Covent Garden hit the headlines when the largest Apple Store in the world opened in The Piazza, and is still a prime target for shoppers seeking the latest gadgets. A new market is planned to be built on a 57-acre site at Nine Elms called The Garden, which will include new shops, homes, and offices, creating up to 24,000 construction jobs during the design and building phases, and an additional 25,000 new permanent jobs once completed.

As an area that's heavily-focused on arts, entertainment, shopping, and tourism, there are many recruitment agencies currently advertising for staff across a variety of different employment sectors.

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