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The coastal town of Morecambe to the west of Lancashire didn't come to prominence until a railway and harbour were built in the 19th century. By the middle of the 20th century, however, Morecambe was a thriving seaside resort.
The tourism industry is still the most prominent despite its decline in recent decades. Both of the town's piers were lost one in a storm and another in a fire and steadily less and less people visited the area, leading to the loss of its fairground.
Regeneration efforts helped to replenish Morecambe's attractions back to its heyday in the mid 2000's and now recruitment agencies often advertise for staff at the most impressive building in town The Midland Hotel on the seafront. It had £7 million invested in it and it is an art deco luxurious spot.
The rate of employment stands at about 4% lower than the national average, however there are many students in the area thanks to the acclaimed Lancaster University nearby.
Retail counts as one of Morecambe's biggest source of employment too, with the main shopping district scaling the town from the Arndale Shopping Centre to the Central Drive Retail Park. There are also two markets in the town. Manufacturing brings jobs from firms based in the White Lund Industrial Estate. Fishing is also a source of income and employment, with varied types of fish being brought in each day, however its Morecambe Bay Potted Shrimps are the most famous.

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  • Intec (UK) Ltd

    Established 30 years ago by Engineers for Engineers. We deliver recruitment and project solutions within the Oil & Gas, Power, Nuclear, Utilities, Construction, Rail and Aerospace Sectors working for Owner/Operators, Consultancies, Contractors and Sub-Contractors serving the UK, European & Global markets.
    Coverage UK Wide & Global
    • Brunel House, 9 Penrod Way, Lancashire, Heysham, LA3 2UZ
    Vacancies covered
    Permanent, Contract, Temporary, Part Time / Job Share
    Levels recruited
    School Leaver, Trainee / Apprentice, Graduate upto 18 months, 18 months to 3 years, 3 to 6 years, 6+ years, Team Leader, Manager, Senior Manager, Director
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