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The small town of Ware in Hertfordshire is close to Hertford in the east of England. It dates back to being occupied by the Romans and in the 17th century it became the base of the artificial New River, which was built as a means of bringing fresh drinking water to London from the River Lea.
Ware was once a brewing town, and the river served as a major transport hub, bringing barley in and beer out. The district is still a combination of rural stretches of farmland around the busy town, and while agriculture still contributes to Ware's economy, the service sector is the real field keeping residents in employment, similarly to most of the county's towns.
The town's many small businesses will look for staff through recruitment agency adverts, as well as a few larger employers such as GlaxoSmithKline in neighbouring Stevenage. Ware is also within easy reach of London by car, giving some residents the opportunity to commute into the city regularly.
The townsfolk are educated well and Ware is an affluent area. The employment rate is about 9% above the national average and people are generally well educated with jobs which are highly skilled. There are more directors and professionals found here than the UK median.

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    • Beech House, 28 New Road, Ware, Hertfordshire, SG12 7BU

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