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Bishop's Stortford is a settlement steeped in history - having existed as a river crossing since Roman times. Nowadays, the town is home to around 38,202 people - many of whom commute in to nearby London for work. Located in East Hertfordshire, Bishop's Stortford is served by a number of recruitment agencies - with the Service Industry being a particular speciality of the area.

Given the town's commuter-friendly credentials, Bishop's Stortford is served by enviable transport links to and from the capital. These include the nearby M11 motorway, and a dedicated rail link connecting to Liverpool Street Station and Tottenham Hale (for easy access to the London Underground's Victoria Line). Alternatively, Epping Underground Station is within easy reach of Bishop's Stortford - being around a 17 mile drive and providing one-train access to both the City and West End districts of London.

Just across the M11 from Bishop's Stortford (around six miles away) lies Stansted Airport. Because of this, the Leisure and Tourism Industries have a strong foothold in the area, with high levels of employment in this sector.

Perhaps because of its proximity to London, Bishop's Stortford is an affluent town, with average earnings higher than the national average. Although house prices are also relatively high in the area, this is offset by access to local amenities such as the state of the art Rhodes Arts Complex (incorporating a cinema, theatre, dance studio and conference centre) and a variety of upmarket shopping options.

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