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Lying in the charming countryside of Herefordshire, east Of Wales and south of the marvellous Malvern hills, Ledbury is an ancient and historic market town. With buildings that date back as far as the 12th century and a beautiful setting in largely rural Herefordshire, Ledbury is a sought out place to live for those seeking something away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

The relocation of the Robertson jam factory in 2007 from Ledbury to Cambridgeshire could have had a detrimental effect on employment in the town, as Rank Hovis McDougall, the owners of Robertson, were a major employer in Ledbury. The factory was taken over, however, by United Beverages who locally produce cider such as Bulmer's and continues to maintain a large staff in the town. Manufacturing accounts for a much larger percentage of employment in the region than it does nationally. This can in part be accounted for by the presence of Amcor's manufacturing plant in Ledbury that produced flexible packaging.

As a former market town the economy would historically have been based upon an agricultural industry, but now as with the rest of the country, Ledbury's economy is predominately service based. As an attractive and charming town, with a rich architectural history, a significant proportion of jobs can also be found in tourism-related employment. Specialist recruitment agencies can help with the success of any job search and it is recommended that any search for employment in the area include such recruitment agencies.

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