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Kington is a market town in Herefordshire, which lies close to the England/Wales border. It lies twenty-one miles north-west of the county town of Hereford, and is also close to the towns of Knighton, Leominster, Builth Wells, and Presteigne.

In medieval times, it was a key wool-trading market, and by the 19th century it had developed strong iron-making, nail-making, building, tanning, milling, and brewing industries, as well as manufacturing agricultural equipment. In the 20th century, the towns economy suffered as the farming industry faltered; however, it still benefits from employment opportunities in the retail, service, and farming (e.g. fruit production) sectors thanks to small local businesses. There is also a small tourist industry, which mainly profits during the summer months. The main employers of staff in the area are cider and perry manufacturers like Westons, Strongbow, and H.P. Bulmer.

The current population is estimated at 2,700, with 3.4% being unemployed. Whilst average weekly pay levels are lower than the UK average (as is the case for the entire county of Herefordshire), house prices are also lower than average.

Herefordshire County Council has developed a core strategy for Kington, which recruitment agencies believe will revitalise the town over the forthcoming years. Plans include the enabling of home-working, building a new retail/leisure development, developing more affordable housing, and implementing a number of enhancements to the town centre.

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