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Grays is located in the south western edge of Essex, within the boundaries of Thurrock. The population, numbering more than 38,000, take advantage of a number of industries as regards employment, both locally and in nearby London.
The economies of Grays and Thurrock as a whole are largely based on the service sector, although industry does provide a large proportion of employment, too. Agriculture contributes a small amount to the local economy, largely due to Grays' mostly urban landscape.
Thurrock's most recent employment figures show that 4.8% of the population able to work do not have jobs, which compares favourably to the national unemployment rate of 7.8%.
Recruitment agencies and workers in Grays benefit from being just a few miles from the Port of Tilbury, which is one of the three largest container ports in the UK, behind Southampton and Felixstowe, and provides hundreds of jobs. Salaries made here help keep other local businesses buoyant and unemployment low.
Nearby Basildon (under 10 miles away on the A13) hosts a number of large employers, such as Ford, First Data and New Holland. As such, those living in Grays are very close to numerous industrial and service firms that require a broad range of skills to flourish.

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  • Scintillant Life Sciences is exclusively focused to the identification, evaluation and placement of key scientists within the Life Sciences sector in the UK and Europe. With over 40 years' commercial and scientific experience in Life Sciences, the agency has an intricate understanding of the sector.
    Coverage UK & Europe
    • 49 Lodge Lane, Grays, Essex, RM17 5RZ
  • LinkPoint Resources has a recruitment solution tailored for you. With dedicated teams covering both permanent and contract personnel over numerous sectors and industries, you can be sure that we will source the best possible candidate, allowing you to capitalise on your time. We have a thorough screening process to ensure we find the perfect match for your needs.
    Coverage UK Nationwide
    • 49 Lodge Lane, Grays, Essex, RM17 5RZ
  • IT Recruit UK is a specialist Information Technology recruitment agency that has the technical expertise and the recruitment knowledge to offer a service that is both personal and professional.
    Coverage We recruit nationally across the UK
    • 49 Lodge Lane, Essex, Grays, RM17 5RZ

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