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Braintree is a large town in the county of Essex. Its access to major motorways and the east coast rail link makes it an idyllic place to live for people who work in central London.

Braintree has been bucking the national trend of growing unemployment in recent years, and the town's highly-skilled workers are cementing the town's reputation as a place to do business. Regeneration projects in the town centre and the nearby towns of Witham and Halstead have attracted investment from several wholesale, manufacturing and construction companies during the last five years. A constant flow of high-achievers from the nearby University of Essex and the Anglia Ruskin Universities mean recruitment agencies have a very talented pool of workers to offer their clients.

Claimants of job seeker's allowance and other benefits are well below the national average in the town, and the relatively highly-skilled workforce makes life relatively easy for recruitment agencies in the area. Official Nomis figures also suggest that senior managers, skilled workers and clerical staff are the area's most commonly found employees. Employment opportunities are far greater in Braintree than in the UK as a whole, as many of the people living in the town actually commute to London or nearby Chelmsford to work.

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