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Bournemouth became a leading British seaside resort when the railways began to provide easy access from London and beyond. Tourism was its lifeblood in Victorian times, and it's still important today, providing about 10,000 jobs.

Unemployment is below the national average, but wages are lower too and that helps to bring in large companies.

Finance and insurance are a significant part of the local economy, providing one in four jobs. They are not the biggest source of employment, but the borough council estimate that nearly two thirds of job vacancies are in this sector. That's reflected in the adverts by recruitment agencies.

JP Morgan is the largest financial company and one of the biggest employers in the town, with more then 4,000 staff. The Nationwide building society also has a smaller, but sizeable presence. Insurance companies are well represented too, including PruHealth, RIAS, Liverpool Victoria and Lloyds TSB.

The public sector provides slightly more jobs, in administration, health and education. The council, hospital and university provide much of the work.

Bournemouth's workforce has an older profile than most of Britain, because the town attracts workers who are looking ahead to retirement. It happens in sufficient numbers for it to put an upward pressure on housing prices, which then deters younger people from entering employment here.

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  • Electus Engineering & Technical Recruitment Solutions

    RELIABLE, RESPONSIVE ,TECHNICAL & ENGINEERING, COMMERCIAL & SUPPORT AND SYSTEMS & SOFTWARE RECRUITMENT SPECIALIST - recruiting key talent for FTSE 100 companies, global organisations, engineering & technical consultancies and SMEs across the UK and Europe.
    Coverage UK Wide, Europe, Australia, Canada
    • Bristol & West House, Post Office Road, Bournemouth, Dorset, BH1 1BL
    Vacancies covered
    Permanent, Contract, Temporary, Part Time / Job Share
    Levels recruited
    School Leaver, Trainee / Apprentice, Graduate upto 18 months, 18 months to 3 years, 3 to 6 years, 6+ years, Team Leader, Manager, Senior Manager, Director
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