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Torquay is a large seaside town that lies in the south of the county of Devon. It is situated 22 miles south of Exeter, 38 miles north-east of Plymouth, and is home to over 134,000 people. Thanks to its pleasant summer temperatures and beautiful beaches, Torquay is known as the English Riviera.

Historically, the economy was based on agriculture and fishing, but a strong tourism industry was created in the early 19th century as the town developed into a popular seaside resort.

The unemployment rate is higher than the English 8.1% average, currently standing at 8,7%. However, a new South Devon link road was given government approval in June 2012 after many years of lobbying, and recruitment agencies expect this to attract several big companies to the area after its completion in 2015. It is estimated that the road link will create over 8,000 jobs in the area.

Aside from tourism, the four biggest employment sectors in the town are: hotels/restaurants/distribution (32.6%), public administration, education and health (31.7%), manufacturing (13.4%) and banking, finance/insurance (10.75%). Major employers of staff in the town include Beverage Brands (the owners of WKD), Torbay Hospital, Hymid Multi-shot (injection moulding manufacturer), and Francis Clark Accountants. The average full-time salary is around £30,000.

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