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Truro is a small city in the picturesque county of Cornwall in England. Its the county's main administration, leisure and retail centre, and has an estimated population of 20,000. Historically, its port made it an important centre of trade before the mining industry gave it significance importance as a stannary town.

Since the 1990s, efforts have been made to develop a manufacturing industry, although the city's main source of employment is the service sector. As Cornwall's administrative centre, more people are employed in public administration, health and education than anywhere else in the region, with Truro College, Cornwall County Council, and Carrick District Council being the major employers in this sector. Health and social care is also a significant sector, employing more than 3,000 staff. There are around 22,000 jobs available in the city which is more than twice the number of economically-active residents, leading to many people commuting to the area. Average earnings are higher than the county average, making it a highly-desirable place to work.

There is an increasing demand for new housing in the area and therefore, recruitment agencies expect there to be a significant increase in the amount of construction and related jobs over the coming years.

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