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Best known as a popular tourist destination, Falmouth is a sizeable Cornwall town that sits on the River Fal. Although there is a diverse job market in the area, much of the recruiting in Falmouth is centred around its port, which is the largest in the county. The shipping, tourism and maritime industries are therefore important providers of local jobs, however the growing creative and tech sectors also employ a notable number of workers.

Recruitment in Falmouth

With attractions such as the National Maritime Museum and Pendennis Castle bringing visitors to the town, Falmouth recruitment agencies will commonly supply tourism, hospitality and food & drink staff. Seasonality has a significant impact on the hiring demands for these fields of work, meaning that summer, temporary and part-time jobs are commonly available.

Elsewhere, the port at Falmouth is still used to transfer cargo, so agencies will often be required to fill shipping vacancies. Cruise ship operators will also need employees, as will engineering firms located within the docks.

Growth in the creative talent pool

Thanks to Falmouth University, the local creative and knowledge sectors have been given a boost. Based in Penryn, the university is ranked as the UK's top arts university, allowing employers the opportunity to recruit from a growing talent pool of innovative candidates. In fact, Falmouth University plays a key role in both the future workforce and current economy. Coupled with Exeter University (which shares the Penryn campus), Falmouth university is responsible for 1 in every 155 jobs in Cornwall. In 2012, it was also reported that they contribute £144 million to the local economy.

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