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County Down is one of the six counties in Northern Ireland, and is located in the north-east of the island. It has the Irish Sea to its east and south, and borders County Louth to the south-west, County Armagh to the west, and County Antrim to the north.

The estimated population of the 945 square mile area is 492,840 and its main town is Bangor, although the large cities and towns of Newry, Lisburn, and Belfast also lie on its borders.

According to statistics from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, there are 14,200 businesses in the county. The majority of staff are employed in the agriculture, construction, retail, and tourism sectors. One of the highest-ranked golf courses in the world is also situated in the region, bringing with it vital tourism and global exposure.

Workers in the region benefit from excellent transport and communication links to the UK, Republic of Ireland, and the EU, and high levels of employment are possible thanks to the strong local economy and job opportunities in Belfast. The average annual wage is £30,601.

Recruitment agencies consider County Down to be a very attractive option for job-seekers, with the cities of Newry and Belfast both enjoying high employment rates.

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